Mother’s Ruin

It’s just the name of the place I reviewed in this post.

Even though I love visiting the city as much as I can, I hardly ever go every week unless I have to.

This week I had to attend the book signing by a Georgian author and political scientist, Vasil Rukhadze. Not that I’m a big fan of political science nor do I understand it, but I just wanted to support my country man and it was also a good reason to hang out with my friends. I had a good breakfast at home, knowing I wouldn’t be able to have lunch until around 2:00 pm., and grabbed a few apples for snack since I like to be prepared. Book signing was in the East village at a Russian church building. Everything was fine until we heard someone’s peaceful snoring nearby… We looked around and the guy sitting next to Kate was taking a nice nap. We tried to laugh as quiet as possible. Thank God, we were sitting in the last row, I felt like I was in high school all over again. Of course, I photographed the poor guy. I bought couple of books for Kate and Lela, not for me, because 1. I only had enough cash for two books, and 2. I would never read a book about political science.

After the book signing we were ready to explore the east village restaurants. Everything seemed packed and noisy and I didn’t really feel like paying $15 for an avocado toast or eggs benedict. We walked by a cute little place on Spring street with the windows open and live music coming out from inside. It looked good. I wanted either to sit outside or at least near the open window. We took our chances and got lucky; some group of people were about to leave soon which gave us enough time to order the drinks (so thirsty), check out the bathroom and get some feedback from strangers about their favorite dishes from this place. After reading the menu in seconds, we ordered a veggie burger (for me), chicken and waffles (locals favorite) and crabs cake benedict (for Kate). I’m a regular burger girl, but I just wanted to give veggie burger a shot, thinking it would have some other condiments or sauces to give the burger some flavor and moisture. What can I say, it was good, not to die for: pickled onions gave it a nice texture and taste, avocado added creaminess and few salad leaves added some freshness, the burger patty was made of beans and mushrooms, though I didn’t taste the mushrooms. The fries on the side were perfect though. Local’s favorite chicken and waffles was good, can’t say great as well, it had overpowering taste of butter and the waffles, to my disappointment, were out of EGGO waffle box, so I don’t really understand why people thought it was the best thing in the menu. Kate’s crab eggs benedict was good, lots of crabs in the crab cake, nicely poached eggs on top and potato hash with onions, that Kate sent back since she hates onions. Our table was the best part of our lunch, near the open window overlooking the Spring street and of course asking the strangers to take photos of us, posing and still hearing the girl singing my favorite songs. It was a successful brunch overall.

mother's ruin

mother's ruin

When you are in the East village, you can’t leave this area without stopping by at Dominique Ansel bakery and since all of us were passing out after all that food and sun, we stopped by for a cup of coffee and something else. When you go there, be prepared to stand in line for at least 10-15 minutes. You really need that time to pick what you want though. You stare at the display of amazing looking treats and want to eat everything. I have to come here early and try one of those cronuts (what is made after croissant and doughnut got married and had a baby), they usually run out before 12:00. The girls ordered matcha mousse and fig mousse cake, I went simply and tried chocolate éclair. Their mousse cakes were fantastic, very light and not too sweet, my éclair was disappointing, it was ok. I still highly recommend checking out this place, there’s always something new and interesting going on that catches the tourist’s attention. For example, his new creation, A shot glass made of chocolate chip cookie dough, glazed with chocolate from inside and filled with milk. I think it’s brilliant to come up with this idea and even more, to make it so trendy. I’ll never pay $7.00 for that because I know it’s milk and chocolate chip cookie and I don’t care much about it, but I give him credit for the creativity.

Dominique ansel bakery

Walking back to GCT by myself was delightful as always before I found out at 7:41 that my train was leaving at 7:51 and I had 10 minutes to get to Grand central from 35th street. Yes, I made that train 3 minutes before it left.

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