Mets, city field and little more…

Even though my husband took all of us to the yankee stadium first week after our big move in to this country and I’ve attended few games after that, I still have no idea about the rules of baseball. Last few times I just walked around the stadium, ate garlic fries and drank frozen margarita.
Today was my first Mets game and believe it or not I was quite excited to go there. Dressed up in orange and blue, I felt like a real fan. The city field, old shea stadium (everyone still calls the old name) is a really well done project; it has the feel of old and new. You find all these crazy fans wearing huge orange wigs or orange and blue tie die outfit. And that dog sitting in front of the field without moving, holding a pipe in his mouth and wearing sunglasses didn’t seem real to me, but it’s real and it advertises the sunglasses that you can buy from the guy standing behind him. I cant tell whether it’s brilliant or cruel but he seemed to be enjoying all the attention from the crowd.

There’s every food imaginable inside the stadium, starting from Nathan’s famous hot dogs finishing with the edible cookie dough. You pick whatever you feel like eating. It’s pricey but worth the experience. I protest that the bottle of water is $5 and decide to get the real drink instead, at least I get some booze out of it. I always walk around first, check all the vendors and then decide what to eat. Smell of buttery popcorn isn’t very appealing to me, I walk faster to pass it. Philly cheese steak made of thick slices of steak on a ciabatta roll catches my attention, but we need to walk more to deserve it.
The game was great, I still don’t understand many things, but I know home run is good and Mets had a few that night. Everyone believes in their heart they’ll catch that stray ball flying above our heads and there were many tonight. I didn’t catch the shirt and couldn’t make it on the camera either, even though we had great seats (thanks to my friend Lynn, my client of four years, whose husband is an announcer for the Mets).
It was fireworks night and everyone was waiting for it. Usually people start leaving before the game ends to avoid the traffic, but fireworks were very tempting and I’m glad we all stayed to watch it. You feel like a child, happy and fascinated with the colors, sparkle and music that matches the rhythm.
Hoping for an easy ride back home since we left our car at Katonah station, our friends offered a ride there and I was happy we didn’t have to take the local 7 train to GCT and then another one to Katonah. As soon as we sat comfortably in a year old electric Chevy and started talking about how nice the car was, we hit a huge pothole and got a flat tire. Bye bye my comfy ride, but more than that I felt sorry for the car and the owners. The car was towed to the nearest gas station where they fixed it but David and I got home at 2:30 a.m. and I was fast asleep as soon as I touched my pillow.

Mets, city field and little more
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Mets, city field and little more
Baseball game at city field in NYC.

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