Bike Ride over the Bridge on Hudson

I went to the walking bridge over the Hudson 5 years ago for the first time with the girls. It was a gorgeous spring day, sunny and warm and we took hundreds of photos. Second time, I took my friends there, thinking they would enjoy the beautiful view from the bridge and the walk, but they didn’t. It was hot, they were hungry and not thrilled with all the walking. This time David and I brought our bikes. I wasn’t very comfortable thinking it would be crowded and stressful for me, but it wasn’t bad. We did about a 12 mile ride during a gorgeous fall 75 degree weather and I was so comfortable on the bike that I even took few selfies while riding. I had a few apples with me (per usual) but we needed more than that. David remembered his old time favorite “shadows on the Hudson” and even though I had the feeling that it wasn’t an interesting place I let him choose it. Of course, I was right, it was a huge place and on Sundays they served open buffet with all American brunch food, eggs, bacon, muffins, and sausages. You pay $18 and eat as much as you want. The place was packed and that wasn’t a good sign for me. We sat outside to enjoy the view and decide if we wanted to stay there or not. David ordered a beer at the bar and I asked for water which I never got, even though the bartender wasn’t busy at all. Another bad sign. I started to observe the crowd, lots of old people and many overweight going back for food for the third time. I knew I didn’t want to eat here. Thankfully, David felt the same. After exploring all interesting places and treating the food not just to kill the hunger but have an amazing experience, he didn’t want to go back to overeating the boring mediocre food. I looked through yelp and Crave restaurant and lounge got my attention. For me, the name of the place is very important, it always gives me that feeling and I’m never disappointed with my choice when it comes to food places. The place is right under the bridge, it has a cozy interior and outside sitting area. When the weather is so good, I don’t sit inside. We were greeted by the nicest waitress, who was a real professional and did everything perfectly. I had the best margarita on the rocks that lifted my spirits even more. The menu is simple and that’s what I like. You can still make crowd pleasing food and add your own touch and twist. David ordered eggs benedict with crab cake, I ordered duck confit veggie hash and poached egg. His dish was better than mine, salad had a bold and delicious dressing that had lots of flavor and the crab cakes were fresh and delicious. My dish lacked duck meat and had more onions than I needed. I’m not a dessert girl, but pistachio olive oil cake seemed interesting and light and I ordered it with espresso. It was really good, light and moist, not too sweet, perfect ending of the delicious meal. I liked that they also let the dogs in, while their owners were enjoying their food, they laid right next to them.

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