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pork and bean stew
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Pork and Bean Stew

I had some leftover pork, potatoes and beans and decide to put everything together and make a nice hearty stew. It was so delicious that I decided to write down and share with you.

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Memorial Service

I cooked dinner for him and it was his last meal. I never met him. My friend asked me to cook a complimentary dinner for his family, he had brain tumor. First, I thought to make simple meals such as chicken, veggie, and rice, but after a while, I felt […]

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Bike Ride over the Bridge on Hudson

I went to the walking bridge over the Hudson 5 years ago for the first time with the girls. It was a gorgeous spring day, sunny and warm and we took hundreds of photos. Second time, I took my friends there, thinking they would enjoy the beautiful view from the […]

lentil salad
Salads, side dish

Lentil Salad

Usually I use brown lentils for this salad, as they are firm, but I had orange lentils and had to use them. Orange lentils cook faster and makes a good soup or stew. The salad still turn out delicious but I recommend to use brown ones.

paleo chili with mushrooms
dinner, main dish

Paleo chili with mushrooms

Paleo chili is perfect fall one pot meal, very hearty and flavorful. Sometimes I use sweet potatoes and zucchini to add vegetables in this meat based stew. This time I added red bell pepper and mushrooms. Bacon gives nice smoky flavor to this dish.

quinoa with roasted eggplant
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Quinoa with Roasted Eggplants

If you are a quinoa lover, this easy and delicious recipe is for you. Quinoa is a perfect vessel for mostly any vegetables: asparagus, corn, peas, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, you name it. Eggplants are perfect in fall and I use them in many dishes and create some new recipes. Quinoa […]