Month: September 2017

lentil salad
Salads, side dish

Lentil Salad

Usually I use brown lentils for this salad, as they are firm, but I had orange lentils and had to use them. Orange lentils cook faster and makes a good soup or stew. The salad still turn out delicious but I recommend to use brown ones.

paleo chili with mushrooms
dinner, main dish

Paleo chili with mushrooms

Paleo chili is perfect fall one pot meal, very hearty and flavorful. Sometimes I use sweet potatoes and zucchini to add vegetables in this meat based stew. This time I added red bell pepper and mushrooms. Bacon gives nice smoky flavor to this dish.

quinoa with roasted eggplant
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Quinoa with Roasted Eggplants

If you are a quinoa lover, this easy and delicious recipe is for you. Quinoa is a perfect vessel for mostly any vegetables: asparagus, corn, peas, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, you name it. Eggplants are perfect in fall and I use them in many dishes and create some new recipes. Quinoa […]

restaurant reviews

Mother’s Ruin

It’s just the name of the place I reviewed in this post. Even though I love visiting the city as much as I can, I hardly ever go every week unless I have to. This week I had to attend the book signing by a Georgian author and political scientist, […]

Cauliflower with beef ragu
dinner, main dish

Cauliflower with Ground Beef Ragu

This dish is inspired by pasta with the ground beef ragu, but since my customer is on paleo diet and can’t eat pasta, I substituted it with cauliflower. It’s a perfect fall dish, healthy and delicious and easy to make, of course.

corn and red pepper salad
Salads, side dish

Corn and Red Pepper Salad

Corn and red pepper salad is the perfect summer/fall dish. It’s crunchy, colorful and very refreshing. Now, when the farmers markets have tons of red peppers, fresh corn, radishes, red onion and lots of herbs, it’s a must have salad at least once a week.

upper west side
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New York, Oda house and more…

Every time I go to NYC I bring my colorful scarf. It’s not your regular scarf, it a very special piece… I remember vividly my first visit to New York. It was 13 years ago at night and I was in Kate’s car, blasting some Georgian music and probably smoking. […]

Chicken with potatoes
dinner, main dish

Chicken with Potatoes

I created this dish for one of my customers who is allergic to onions and garlic and struggles with cutting the food. So, I cut everything myself, so that she can eat easily.  She likes  flavors from the herbs but can’t eat the herbs in the food, so I pureed […]

restaurant reviews

San Diego Food Experience

I finally made it to San Diego. Not that I didn’t want to visit but I went because I had to. Everyone was telling me how beautiful and amazing San Diego is. Lile (my baby girl) is attending SDSU and I had to get her set up in her dorm. We had […]