Month: September 2017

restaurant reviews

Mother’s Ruin

It’s just the name of the place I reviewed in this post. Even though I love visiting the city as much as I can, I hardly ever go every week unless I have to. This week I had to attend the book signing by a Georgian author and political scientist, […]

Chicken with potatoes
dinner, main dish

Chicken with Potatoes

I created this dish for one of my customers who is allergic to onions and garlic and struggles with cutting the food. So, I cut everything myself, so that she can eat easily.  She likes  flavors from the herbs but can’t eat the herbs in the food, so I pureed […]

Potato Perashki

Potato Cheese Perashki

I usually use yeast dough for perashki, which is good but time consuming, you need to wait for at least an hour for the dough to proof. Yesterday, I found this easy ricotta and baking powder based recipe and I tried. It was very good, light and fluffy. I can […]